Death Doula In Training


Here we are. We are all alive and we all die. I want to normalize and celebrate the sacred, uncomfortable, grief filled mystery of dying in the hopes we may help usher each other when it is our time to go back into the earth like so many of our ancestors have done for centuries. I hope to be a space holder and support you in the process that you envision and would like to have before, during and after your death. 

I offer a sliding scale fee for Black, Brown, Queer, Trans and Non Binary folks based of what you need and what supports you want around you. I really encourage the family/chosen family to be active in your death/dying process and envisioning what roles you may want them take to best support your wishes. 

White folks who are seeking death doula services will have options for preset packages based on your privilege with first priority always given to Black, Brown, Queer, Trans and Non-Binary folks first. 

Please email me at: for more information or specific inquiries after November 1st 2020. 

May we find ways to grieve collectively and die well during these uncertain times. 


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