Welcome to Sovereign Roots Apothecary

Sovereign Roots Apothecary is as an answer to a call I have been hearing from my ancestors for a long time. A call to reclaim and decolonize the origins of herbalism, death & dying, poetry and create a space where Black, Brown, Queer, Trans and Non-Binary folks can connect in a time where we are physically so disconnected and disproportionately killed from Covid19, police violence and the systems that seek to constantly oppress us.  I serve you in your healing by way of folk medicine, poetry and community death care.


“Once upon a time, we were Africans involved in a unique lexicon of beliefs, lore, stories, and customs that were designed to help integrate us into an environment filled with plants, animals, elements, and a complex array of spirits. With the advent of slavery, the physical bond with the motherland was broken, but like seeds lifted from a ripe plant by wind, we found fertile ground in distant lands elsewhere.”

― Stephanie Rose Bird




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